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At Debt Counseling Corporation, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible counseling and education services we can. Here are just a few of the many testimonials we have received from consumers like you.

About our Counseling Services:

Two years ago, I found your website on line. I was in serious debtor trouble with my cell phone ringing non-stop from credit collectors, and some were threatening legal action. I was desperate for a solution and thankful to have found you when I did. Although my debt was not enormous, it was too much for me to handle on my own. From the moment I contacted you, you handled my situation with certainty, speed and confidence. By working out a monthly payment that I could afford, and by utilizing your direct debit service, I didn't have to worry about a thing. The creditor calls stopped immediately and two years later I am debt-free.
     I want to express what a pleasure it has been working with you. I have recommended you to every person I have come aross with debt trouble... This was a painless, sane solution for my problems, and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done. I am happily debt-free and I can attribute that to your superb, professional handling of my case.

-Karen M. Marietta, Georgia

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for rescuing me from all of my debts. It means more than you'll ever know.
- Susan W.Bloomington, Indiana

We thank you for your help. DCC is a great organization.
David and Bonnie W.Townville, PA

You have no idea how much you did for me, and I want to thank you...for answering all my questions, working with what I could afford, and just making these last four years possible to eliminate my debt. I thank God for your services, and I would not hesitate to refer anyone to your company...Thank you so much (again). God bless!
- Claudia D. Hayward, Calilfornia

I have only good things to say about your corporation. You saved our finances from going under, and anytime I have called, the people were courteous and prompt with answers. -Frankie K. Green Forest, Arizona

Just wanted to say thanks for the help you have given me over the past four years. It has been a great experience for me, and I have learned a lot with your help. My goal now is to continue using the payment I was making to you to pay off my house much faster than the original mortgage term. Eliminating my debt seemed so insurmountable when I began, but I now know that it takes discipline to make debt go away. Enclosed is my final check to pay off my final credit card. That really feels good! If you ever want a testimonial, count on me.
- Rod W. Medford, Oregon

Thank God for your service. My life is so much easier. Thank you!!
Carolyn M. Mathews, North Carolina

My wife and I wanted to say a huge "THANK YOU!" for helping us. We have become accustomed to the customer service of DCC being professional and cooperative, but we feel that your kindness went above and beyond the call of duty. The ease at which our arrangement was made helped our holiday season be a joyous one.
     We have no hesitation in referring our friends and coworkers in need of help to your door. Your service is always excellent. We just wanted to send a note of thanks to make the sentiment clear that you and your upper management have a wonderful team
- Cliff B. Jasper, Georgia

I was in need of help to understand my credit. I found DCC's website on a Saturday evening, and Monday morning they called me and helped me all the way. My counselor is a gentleman by the name of Kenny, and he followed up with me every step of the way. It's nice to know there is still a company with people out there that actually cares about what they do and enjoy doing it. I have never felt more confident of a company than I do with yours.
- Kathi S. Memphis, Tennessee

I appreciate how professional everyone is and extremely helpful. Thanks!
-Kim C. Kansas City, Missouri


About our Educational Seminars:

The seminar was very interesting and so helpful to open our minds. This workshop MUST BE A MUST.
Silvia K.

I have learned a lot about living debt-free and about using credit cards, how to budget myself, and short term goals and long term goals, and how important credit reports are. Chandra M.

This was an excellent workshop. Thank you for the valuable information!.
Nelly L.

This seminar was very educational. I am becoming aware of different situations that can confront you, and learning that I should be on the alert about my financial situation and how to save money.
Beverly B.

I learned very useful information for life.
Sonia M.

Both instructors were very well informed and personable with the group of youths. All of the presentations were interesting and very informative.
-Paulette B.

I would like to attend more seminars. Wonderful job!
Damien C.

I was glad I attended this seminar. It was very informative, and the presentation was very interesting. The brief personal sharing sparked even greater interest.
Nancy E.

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