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Education and Counseling

Our DMP also consists of an ongoing, comprehensive educational program which teaches you important details about


  • how credit cards work and how debt can accumulate quickly
  •  important, easy steps to reduce and eliminate your debt
  • critical ways to avoid getting back into debt
  •  the psychology of spending (why do you spend what you spend?)
  • how to understand and improve your credit score
  • what to look for when comparing the benefits of different credit cards
  • how to identify and then achieve personal financial goals
  •  how to avoid identity theft
  • what to do if you become a victim of identify theft
  • other important topics that are crucial for maintaining your financial health.

Educational information and counseling is provided over the phone.  Consumers who would prefer to meet face-to-face are always welcome to come into our office and participate in individual meetings and/or group seminars. We also provide written information in educational packets that are emailed or sent by US Mail.  Additionally, we offer our newsletter, The Consumer Advocate, which is sent out bi-annually.  Our website always includes articles and updated information about the latest financial news that is relevant to you.

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