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Consumer Bill of Rights

Every consumer has the right to:

Be Heard. Our counselors will listen to your current financial circumstances, and will listen to your concerns and worries. We understand that you may feel embarrassed or awkward about your financial situation. We know that you may feel helpless and powerless. We’ll offer you support and encouragement. We’ll treat you with respect.  We have helped thousands of consumers. We can help you too.

Explore short term and long term goals. Our counselors will help you identify your goals, the possible obstacles to achieving these goals, and the possible solutions.

Learn. Our Counselors will teach you important information about debt. You’ll learn about painless budget plans and spending plans, you’ll learn about credit cards, and how to pay them off and get control over them; you’ll learn how to balance a check book, how to read a credit report, how to establish good credit, how to save money while maintaining a dignified lifestyle, and other topics necessary for your financial health.

Privacy. Any information you provide is kept strictly confidential. We will never sell any of your information to third parties. Also, we will not freely share your information with any third parties without your express permission. (This may be necessary if you enroll in our Debt Management Program, which requires us to contact your creditors.) At Debt Counseling Corporation, each and every staff member understands and protects your right to privacy.

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