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Foreclosure Intervention Counseling

Foreclosure Intervention Counseling
Are you at risk of falling behind on your mortgage? Have you already fallen behind on your mortgage? 
DCC is here to help! Our counselors will:
  • Review a household budget
  • Discuss available financial options pertaining to your individual situation
  • Explain the foreclosure process and possible alternatives
  • Develop a plan of action to resolve your mortgage delinquency
  • Work with your servicer to facilitate a loan workout or loan modification if needed
  • Provide high quality service to you, at no cost
Our housing counseling services primarily serve residents of New York.
  • All counselors are trained by the prestigious NeighborWorks® Training Institute.
  • All housing counseling services are free of charge!
  • Next day, evening and Saturday appointments are available in our centrally located Hauppauge office!
To schedule an appointment, please contact Carly Wardwell at 888.354.6332 ext. 316 or

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