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The Debt Management Program Explained

The Debt Counseling Debt Management Program

Together, you and your Certified Credit Counselor will determine whether our debt consolidation Debt Management Program (DMP) is a possible option for you.

Those who qualify and enroll in our Debt Management Program will enjoy significantly lower interest rates and become debt-free much quicker than on their own.

Significantly Lower Interest Rates
As a nonprofit, licensed credit counseling agency, DCC has established relationships with virtually all creditors. (More)

Education and Counseling
Our DMP also consists of an ongoing, comprehensive educational program which teaches you important details about:  (More)
In addition to educating you, saving you money and helping you become debt-free more quickly, debt consolidation is also much more convenient.  (More)

Become Stress-Free on our DMP
When you enroll in the DCC Program, most or all of your accounts will "re-age" within approximately 90 days. (More)

Tracking Your Progress

You will be able to track your progress by reviewing the statements sent to you by each of your creditors.  Imagine how happy and satisfied you will feel when you see, for example, that your current interest rate of 24% is replaced by a 0% interest rate.  Within a few short months you will see the results for yourself: your balances will be going down and your confidence and sense of relief will grow.  Your future will look brighter and you will know you are regaining control of your money.

Your Financial Future

The combination of your newly expanded financial knowledge, along with your lowered interest rates is the surest method to help you get out of debt and stay out of debt.

Your financial literacy level will improve. Your financial health will improve and you will be in control of your debt, rather than having your debt control you.

To speak with one of our Certified Credit Counselors and to learn more about our Program and the other educational services we offer, simply complete this free, no obligation Information Request Form.  You will be contacted within 24 hours.

Or call us toll-free at 1.888.354.6332

You can also go to What a Debt Management Program is NOT for more information

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